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      Name the course and hole to have the chance of winning...
      , courtesy of Nevada Bob's.
      plus 2 of each VEGAS BALL MARKERS,
      Golf Rules Quick Reference Book and the Trouble Shots & Quick Fix Guide

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      About Us

      Essex Golfer has been going strong for years. Since the first publication in 1996, Essex Golfer has published all the County news, working with both the Men’s and Ladies governing bodies: The Essex Golf Union and The Essex Ladies County Golf Association as well as The Essex PGA and East Region PGA.

      We have an Events page keeping the Golfers of Essex up to date of what events they can play in their County.
      Some of our most popular pages are our free to advertise Golf Mart and Holiday Golf, all available online and in print.

      On top of this we aim to pick out the best bits of what’s happening Nationally and Internationally to keep our valued readers entertained every month!

      We are a team of Golfers, Who knoatch about Golf, Production, Printing and Marketing in the Essex area.
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